23 June 2017


After the success achieved in 2016 by the Morbidelli p800 model, this year SCM presents the new Morbidelli p200, characterized by the same features of the previous model and with an unrivalled price/quality ratio. Both machines are ideal to optimize the profiling and edgebanding operations of the most disparate types of edges in the same program.

The edgebanding unit, revolutionary in its sector, allows on the Morbidelli p800 the automatic change of the pressing system and guarantees the fast and easy application of plastic and wood edges, as well as soft-forming machining operations, thanks to the Maestro Edge software, which optimises all the machining phases and guarantees maximum productivity levels. The pressing system can be replaced while machining, without stopping the machine, to load the most suitable system for the type of edge being applied or shape being executed. Even wooden or soft-forming edges, which are notoriously difficult to manage on a machining centre and that used to require manual operations or special machines, can be handled with superior machining performance levels and time savings. The possibility of profiling minimal radii also inside the work piece at high quality levels makes Morbidelli p series, the highest performing machining centres on the market, designed with all the solutions to meet the client’s future requirements. Additional technological benefits of the range:
- 5 times more productive with the work tables that reduces set-up times to switch between machining operations.
- Zero limits to the shapes that can be machined thanks to the routing solutions with independent and interpolating 4 and 5 axes with continuous 360° rotation. Production costs are 20% lower, with the 10 and 18 positions tool holders installed directly on the machine, as the tool replacements no longer affect machining times. - Zero compromises in the edge application with different thicknesses on the same panel. The edge feed system automatically and effectively adjusts to all edge thicknesses.
- Zero defects. Perfect edgebanding on complex profiles with the new gluing unit, which applies the glue directly on the edge and an exclusive glue roller with integrated heating element to guarantee gluing uniformity in any condition.
- Machining any type of edge in any situation. The numerical control Z axis allows the adjustment of the lower projection of the edge in relation to the work table to centre it in relation to the panel, for example, to use dust cover edges.
The automatic adjustment of the height of the edges feed system reduces unproductive times to zero, machining in batch "1". Utmost flexibility is ensured by the edge storage that can hold up to 12 different edges.
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