RAM Elettronica Italy is unique in the automatic contour cutting

20 February 2017

RAM Elettronica Italy is unique in the automatic contour cutting

Offering two different lines of machines: for various types of foam, polyurethane, fabric, textile and fibres.
RAM is the abbreviation for Research on Automatic Machineries: the research and the application of new technologies have always been our primary development goals.

Horizontal / vertical contour cutters based on oscillating blade, continuous blade and abrasive wire suitable for the upholstery production (sofa sets), products for the bedding industry (mattresses and pillows), acoustic insulation, automotive and marine components. A special line of products is specifically dedicated to the accurate cutting of technical items on high density (for sound absorbent pyramidal boards, multi-layers materials, re-bonded foam, memory foam).
Static table and conveyor cutting systems, based on blade and waterjet technologies, partner industrial-type productivity requirements with high cutting precision for the demanding users in clothing, upholstery, padded, composite, thermo-acoustic insulation, packaging, marine and automotive fields.
Additionally, the presence of automatic spreaders for fabric and wadding offers advantages in terms of reduced setup and process times.
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