BÜTFERING SWT 200 sanding machine: compact, fast, versatile

01 February 2017

BÜTFERING SWT 200 sanding machine: compact, fast, versatile

More high tech with a smaller space requirement – the SWT 200 series was further developed specifically for woodworking shops. Since spring, the SWT 200 has provided enormous flexibility even in this performance category. An overview of the benefits:

• Time savings: Belt change, grit compensation and belt mounting in just a few simple moves
• Easy operation: Intuitive, self-explanatory touch-screen terminal
• Efficient working: Automated workpiece thickness measurement as standard – plus sanding recipes stored in the terminal
• Gentle part handling: Roller table at the machine infeed (standard), fold-away table at the machine outfeed (option)
• Energy efficiency: Up to 35 % lower extraction values
• High-grade fine sanding: H head segmented pad with inner chevron belt (unusual in this performance category)
• High flexibility: Two additional unit slots for finish processing operations Wide belt sanding machine BÜTFERING SWT 300 with powerTouch Since the HOLZ-HANDWERK, the intuitive, high-performance powerTouch concept has been integrated as standard in the SWT 300 series.
This allows the operator to carry out all settings at the machine using touch and gesture control, and navigate with all the simplicity of a tablet.
If controllable parameters – such as increased sanding pressure or speed modification – change, this is indicated clearly and visibly in an appealing design.
This “what you see is what you get” approach has met with an enthusiastic response from the market.
Operation of an SWT has never been easier.
For more information contact Mr Ulrich Hartner, Product Manager Surface Processing:

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