The Jetmaster 630 line installed at LICO Switzerland.
The Jetmaster 630 line installed at LICO Switzerland.

10 October 2016

BARBERÁN, Digital printing floors ‘Single-Pass’

The Swiss manufacturer of cork, linoleum, wood and mineral high quality floors, Lico, updates their printing lines with the Barberan technology ‘Single-Pass’. The printing line Jetmaster 630, specifically designed for cork floors, is in full performance in the Müstair company’s plant.

With one experience in the trustworthiness and quality of the Barberan machinery Lico acquires this new printing line that was just implemented in the existing HotCoating, Barberan machinery.
With this line LICO applies the most effective treatment to obtain a class AC5 product: maximum toughness and resistance to abrasions, chafing and scratches. Lico who previously used the ‘multi-pass’ printing system, speeds up its production with this new printing line.
It offers major flexibility and performance, achieving an unbeatable printing quality with high resolution and curing inks UV CMYK at a speed of 55 m/min.
The Jetmaster 630 line for cork counts with the special module for the primer application and maximizes its printing width to 630 mm, with a minimum separation between the panels.

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