Bürkle compact surface finishing system with two UV drying units
Bürkle compact surface finishing system with two UV drying units

07 October 2016

Buerkle compact surface finishing system with two UV drying units

"At the Xylexpo we have shown systems and process solutions for medium-sized enterprises for the first time in southern Europe," says Bürkle CSO Olaf Rohrbeck. The long-established company from Freudenstadt will give an impression with solutions tailor-made for the re-quirements of medium-sized clients. As one of just a few providers, Bürkle is able to offer an exhaustive range of products in both the finishing and laminating sectors.

The KA1300 compact surface finishing system is designed specifically for deployment in the up-market skilled crafts sector. It combines best coating results and highly efficient paint fin-ish and solvent consumption. The system is available as a combination of roller coating ma-chine/twin roller coating machine with UV drying. The design of the system facilitates a high degree of flexibility in terms of deployment and ensures a constantly high surface quality. Suitable fields of application for this "all-round finishing unit" are primarily flat furniture parts, doors and interior construction elements.
The range of dimensions is also ideal for the applications: a thickness of up to 80 mm and a 1,300 mm throughfeed width. With a foot-print of only 12 m2, it is predestined for use in smaller and medium-sized enterprises. The coating systems for PUR hotmelt adhesive from the Freudenstadt product portfolio can be configured for both sheet and roll material. The collection ranges from the system for lightweight and composite panels for larger skilled crafts enterprises and specialised compo-nent manufacturers to a fully-automatic industrial line, which utilises systems from the Bür-kle modular line as well as robot technology for workpiece and coating handling. The main focus of the Bürkle development engineers is the continuous enhancement of the "multi-line laminating line". All the systems from this line have a modular structure. In addi-tion to excellent cost-effectiveness, they offer an enormous selection of equipment options.
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