The Cezanne coating center.
The Cezanne coating center.

10 May 2017


The operating logic of the Cezanne coating center is based on a combination of a number of equipment by means of which the operator, after loading the parts to be painted on the flying bar, can program a complete coating process.

The process can be composed of one or more coats of primer and / or top coat, each one followed by a relevant drying cycle. During coating and drying of the pieces, the operator is free to focus on other tasks, being the Coating Center completely autonomous in the processing phase. Once the process is finished, the operator can proceed to unload the finished work pieces and to load on the flying bar a new set of elements.
The painting center Cezanne consist of:
• FINISHING ROBOT GHOST-C: Cartesian single arm spraying Robot for the coating of joinery elements or any hanging product.
• DRYING ZONE: In this section the items are dried for means of a combination of high-speed hot air, blown on the pieces through conical nozzles and microwaves. The flying bar, that stands inside the oven, is kept slightly in motion by means of a system that makes it move forward and back in order to ensure the highest possible homogeneity of drying on the surface of the pieces
• FLOW COATING:for the application of stains and preservatives. Polypropylene walls Tank made of stainless steel Product application by means of two double rows, each one equipped with adjustable jets supplied with specific pump suitable for water based products.

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