SHW-SHS GERMANY expertise in the receiving, conveying, dosing and storage.

20 June 2016

SHW-SHS GERMANY expertise in the receiving, conveying, dosing and storage.

We offer advice, planning, project management, construction, production, installation and commissioning as a full-service partner. SHW-SHS give a comprehensive service from one source.  As a result of our long-standing experience and focus on the delivery and transportation of bulk materials that are difficult to handle, you can rely on the highest quality standards and the best service performance. We offer also long-term economical solutions.

We offer also long-term economical solutions.  State-of-the-art technology and the use of top-quality materials guarantee high operating times and therefore less downtime and lower maintenance costs when transporting your bulk materials. You provide us with your challenging bulk material, we deliver solutions, think laterally and put your ideas into practice. Over more than 40 years in this field we have become an expert in bulk material that is difficult to handle.
The specific flow characteristics, combined with abrasion and corrosion, is the challenge that confronts us on a daily basis. You have the bulk material; we have the expertise for its handling and transportation. We make sure that all processes are interconnected and that your plant can be operated at a reliably high availability. We combine project planning and manufacturing expertise with the highest systems knowledge, which we demonstrate globally with more than 4,000 plants.
Every single SHW product satisfies the maximum quality requirements, every component is precisely tailored and optimized to the individual bulk material. Our ISO 9001 certification enables us to guarantee our clients compliance with all the necessary quality standards from production to installation, to commissioning and our after-sales service.
In the Wood Industry the company supplier the following services/productions: Abrasive dust, Wood flakes, OSB strands, MDF fibers, Wood chips, Recycled wood, Waste wood.
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