The Dekker's technical staff visited Barberan factory in Castelldefelds/Barcelona.
The Dekker's technical staff visited Barberan factory in Castelldefelds/Barcelona.

19 May 2016

Barberan delivered a new line to Dekker/Netherland.

The Dutch manufacturer visited Barberan to check the final works on the installation dedicated to manufacture kitchen worktops.

The line is installed in Zevenhuizen/Netherland and is used for gluing and post-forming HPL sheets on kitchen counter tops with different edge radius for both, classic and anti- spill models. The new processes that Barberan has developed for Dekker includes a new feeding, guiding and alignment system for a perfect positioning of the HPL sheet on the board. Moreover a new gluing method has been designed by using a PUR hot melt glue application on the board surface and a PVAC glue for the HPL sheet backside and board area that has to be post-formed enabling an in line continuous post forming process.
This new installation produces kitchen tops at 15 m/min and is fully automatic.
The line is controlled through a PLC where the operator chooses work speed, kitchen top design and type of HPL , the complete line sets its self automatically to the new parameters. With this new purchase, the company Dekker, grounded in 1930 and nowadays a reference in the European kitchen counter top manufacturing, continues to rely on the technological innovation, quality and reliability that Barberan can offer.
Barberan exhibit at Xylexpo, Hall 1 Booth G02.

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