Miele: The invisible Kitchen delighted in Milan, Italy

25 April 2016

Miele: The invisible Kitchen delighted in Milan, Italy

More than 23,000 visitors to Milan witnessed Miele's vision of the kitchen of the future; The Invisible Kitchen. The Miele event was considered one of the best productions during the Milan Design Week and met with a hugely positive reception on social media. Parallel to this event, Miele presented new products at the Eurocucina trade show site. The highlights: handleless built-in appliances from the ArtLine series and its new G 6000 EcoFlex dishwashers.

The Invisible Kitchen represented Miele's premiere in the Milan designer district of Zona Tortona: A ring-shaped installation with a diameter of 8 m weighing several tons. Two kitchen chefs prepared a 3-course menu, supported by a virtual cooking assistant. The latter compiled menus, weighed ingredients, supplied tips on preparation and on a sustainable approach to food. The assistant took into consideration the user's level of cooking expertise and only intervened when things threatened to go wrong.
Above all, the objective of the event was to fuel inspiration: The Invisible Kitchen brings a new sense of creativity to the game. Cooking once again becomes exciting and is fun', summarizes Dr Axel Kniehl, Executive Director with the Miele Group, responsible for Marketing and Sales.
This kitchen is invisible in the sense that no single appliance is given prominence of place; instead, the focus is squarely on the needs of users. The technology behind The Invisible Kitchen stems from research scenarios and projects under the auspices of the Miele Design Centre. The response on the Internet and in social media was both positive and striking (theinvisiblekitchen.miele.com). On Facebook alone, The Invisible Kitchen attracted more than a million visitors. Parallel to the kitchen and furniture fair in Milan, the 'Milan Design Week', reflecting events at a distance to the trade show site, has established itself as a venue in its own right. In more than 1200 events at downtown locations, companies and designers presented the latest trends and visions. Of these, 16 were nominated for the 'Milan Design Award', including Miele. From its vision of tomorrow's kitchen to new products and features on display at the trade show: The focus of Miele's attention was the ArtLine series of built-in appliances. Ovens and combination units get by admirably without handles, allowing the even more aesthetic integration of appliances into cabinetry. These products, also available in Graphite Grey, are due to go on sale from this summer. The new dishwashers from the G 6000 EcoFlex series are available with immediate effect. They excel in terms of further improvements in energy efficiency, their 58-minute short program producing top-class cleaning results, and a basket design offering even greater convenience.
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