LESNA TIP Otiski, chipboard and MFC from Slovenia.

02 September 2015

LESNA TIP Otiski, chipboard and MFC from Slovenia.

The story of LESNA Tovarna Ivernih Plosc goes back in 1973 when processing of inferior quality wood and scrap wood into chipboards began in Šentjanž pri Dravogradu. Initial production capacities comprised 70.000 m3 of raw chipboards and approx. 1.000.000 m2 of MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboards) per year. Seven storage press represented the peak of technology at that time. The needs of furniture industry directed the increase of furniture boards; therefore, the production of MFC was by setting up an additional line for melamine processing doubled in 1978.
An important investment cycle which enabled the existence of the factory and further operations took place in the years from 2002:
2002. Investment in modern rotary dryer which enabled larger capacity, more equal drying and more qualitative chipboards.
2004. Expanded the warehouse of finished products, modernized the equipment obtained additional newer line for melamine processing which was transferred from chipboard factory Meblo in Gorica to SentjanZ the same year. The new line has increased production capacity to approx. 8 million m2 of MFC and has also improved the quality of boards.
2006. Began the construction of the most up-to-date computerized chipboard production line continuous press which already operated at full steam in 2007. The new press has increased capacities to 300.000 m3 of raw chipboards per year which means consumption of wood biomass even up to 500.000 m3.
2009. Outset of the production of construction boards LSB P5 CE which are an alternative to OSB/3 boards. Those boards have become an extremely desirable product in construction for its exceptional qualities and extensive possibilities of use.
2011. In September 2011 Turkish company Miador Orman Urunleri Sanayi Yatirimlari A.S. took over Lesna TIP Otiski. The new owner continues with the production of chipboards and strengthens the management of the company.

For more information contact Mrs Nina Mauhler:

Sentjaz Pri Dravogradu 133
Tel +386 2 8787588
Fax +386 2 8787510
E-mail: nina.mauhler@lesna-tip.si