Right, Andrea Aureli/CEO Scm and Luigi De Vito/Director Machinery Division. Photo Datalignum.
Right, Andrea Aureli/CEO Scm and Luigi De Vito/Director Machinery Division. Photo Datalignum.
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23 June 2017

Scm’s presence at Ligna 2017 was focused on innovation

New software, new technological solutions and a completely automated cell for the production of customised furniture The group confirmed its solidity by closing 2016 with a turnover of 600 million euro, up 15%.

Systems for flexible industrial productions have doubled. Scm has become the reference brand for the wood working sector, maintaining the heritage of the original brands in the names of the models Scm arrived at Ligna 2017 strengthened by a continuous and brilliant growth, confirming its solid financial position with a good cash flow. 2017 began with a double digit increase in orders and turnover, a further improvement on the already good results of recent years. SCM’s presence at Ligna confirms its leadership position in the technologies for wood working processes, that today are represented by a single brand: SCM. The models inherit the distinctiveness and names of the original brands. The doubling of the turnover for cell systems, plants and production lines for flexible industrial productions has been particularly satisfying for SCM. They demanding orders, with investment costs that range from one and a half million to ten million Euro and the leap forward of this sector proves the maturity achieved by SCM Engineering.
Visitors were able to admire the technological solutions and the innovative “Cell Lean 4.0”. Multimedia and virtual technologies, like the two huge video walls and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, used to show all the machines and systems solutions produced by SCM at work.
Customers have been able to live unique sensorial experience of navigating inside the SCM technologies and further appreciate each single detail of the machining process.
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